Latest creations


  • World Cheese Awards 2017-2018

    In the eminent London’s Tobacco Dock, this year too, we’ve been chosen by the committee among more than 3500 cheeses coming from 5 continents and bestowed us the following medals:   SUPER GOLD to our Caprozzo al Prugnolo SUPER GOLD to our Pecorino Gran Riserva......

  • Cibus – Parma 2018

      Finally, after two long years of trials, we managed to present our products to the Cibus exhibition in Parma “ Sua maestà – la Bufala “    ...

Tasty insights

Steer mince, Caprozzo al Prugnolo and broad beans
Cinnamon and pear beet tops ravioli, Caprozzo alla Carruba fonduta and crispy speck
Rabbit tiepido, Pecorino Gran Riserva del Passatore and raw and cooked mixed salad
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