Caprozzo Querciaiolo®


Produced with goat milk pasteurized at 72 ° C, selected cheese cultures and veal rennet are added.
The cheese is first dried in cells at constant temperatures and placed in beech wood cases with oak powder.
Then, cycles of temperature and humidity varying up to eight times a day are carried out, so that the aging process slows down and the cheese remains soft even for some months, but acquires the aromas and fragrances of a long-aged cheese.


Organoleptic characteristics

The paste is milky white and flavor presents persistent but delicate notes of goat’s milk with a slight hint of mountain flowers.


Diameter 11 – 16 cm
Height 5 – 8 cm
Weight 500 – 1300 g
Shelf life 120 days from date of seasoning
Storage refrigerated below 8°C


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