Caprozzo Re di Capra erborinato al Tè Nero™


After producing the curd from the processing of pasteurised milk, with the addition of calf rennet and cheese cultures , it is collected in suitable moulds and undergoes a dry-salting process in specific and suitable environments allowing for secondary syneresis, reaching the first maturation.
As soon as it starts to go mouldy, the cheese is placed in virgin beech wood boxes covered with layers of black tea.


Organoleptic characteristics

Cheese with a compact milky white paste and blue veins.
The black tea seasoning gives it a unique and special flavor which makes an ideal ingredient at the end of the a meal,with soft fruit flavoured honey and a glass of red Port.


Diameter 20 cm
Height 11 cm
Weight 4400  g
Shelf life 120 days from date of seasoning
Storage Refrigerated below 6°C


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