Pecorino Pera


The Pear Pecorino is born from the desire to combine the scent and the flavour of sheep’s milk with the delicate flavour of pear.
Thus we have obtained a cheese with unique characteristics in its genre, perfect enjoyed with dishes made with seasonal vegetables.
The Pear Pecorino, if it’s conserved correctly, maintains its distinctive characteristics up to about 180 days of maturation.


Organoleptic characteristics

The rind is ash coloured. The cheese itself has a smooth and slightly crumbly texture and is ivory coloured.
A pure scent and taste of both sheep’s milk and a mature freshly peeled pears.


Diameter 11-15 cm
Height 6 – 7 cm
Weight 500 -1100  g
Shelf life 180 days from date of packaging
Storage refrigerated below 8°C


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