Pecorino Giorgio I ™


Made with sheep’s milk pasteurized at 72°C, cooling at 32°-35°C.
Cheese cultures are added and mixture is left to ferment, after which rennet is added and the mixture coagulates.
The curd is broken up and drained into moulds. The cheese is brined and dried in a cold room at 6°-8°C.
The maturation happens in wooden crates with juniper berries and Modena balsamic vinegar in order to reach the right seasoning.


Organoleptic characteristics

The rind is of a hazelnut colour, the paste is pure white, slightly flaky and even after long seasoning months it emanates wood scents and a light aromatic fragrance.


Diameter 18 cm
Height  8 cm
Weight 2600g
Shelf life 180 days from date of seasoning
Storage refrigerated below 8°C



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